Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Great Ski Race - Tahoe City to Truckee 30k

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Danny Buchanan

The race itself was an interesting start. Some Young kid snuck into line next to me in the start and he was quick to get out after I tangled poles with Julie who was on my other side, but he got so excited on the first constriction when everyone bunched up he tripped on his own pole and fell. From there on I hung with the first group until the first down hill of green (Tav was in sixth and I was seventh at that point). I just wasn't gliding with the group and by the bottom of the hill they had 50 yards on me. The second group caught me about 1/2 way up orange and I hung on until fiberboard rd. from then on I skied with peter Hansen and Beth reed and a guy from anchorage (he finished just in front of me). I let Peter go up the hill until the last 1 k to top and then we reeled him in. At the top little Beth just took off. She tucked and just glided away while the rest of us skated our asses off the keep up. I caught her on the climb after the whoop dee does but again she took off on the down hill. Then about 1/2 way down the hill to TK someone applied glue to my skies! And the rest was just a thrash to the finish. I thought for a moment I'd catch the anchorage guy and was within 5 seconds of him when he realized I was catchin up and he sped up. I had some panic too as Peter was catching me, and given another 1/2 k he'd have beat me.

Waxing for the day was Toko HF Red/HF Yellow 1:1 covered with Jetstream Yellow. Finite structure was a single pass of the V05 followed by a light pass of the 00G (blank) to soften the V05, then finished with a single pass of the L04. This combination ran very well for 2/3 of the race. The last 5 - 7 km was soaking wet new snow which very few skiers managed to have quicker skis.

This was a fun race! I did my best and was way ahead of my expectation of top 20. So the end was the end. A couple of beers lots of socializing with people I talk to only at that event and lots of others too. Then rush off to get the kids from ski team.

Let's do it again next year!

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