Thursday, April 8, 2010

What a season!

As our season comes to an end we would like to thank all our sponsors for
helping us reach our goals. It's time to enjoy some spring sunshine, go on
some crust cruzzing adventures, and get back on the bikes. Your support
helps us live the dream and represent cross country skiing in the
professional manner that we fell is so important.

Below: please take note of a letter Truckee XC teammate Laura Stern wrote
thanking the Farwest Nordic committee for all it does for our sport.
Have a great summer,
Truckee XC

To the Far West Division organizers and committee members;

As the season draws to a close, we on the Truckee XC Team wish to thank you for yet another terrific season of racing here on our Far West circuit.

We truly appreciate the enormous amount of time and effort that you all have contributed to make our ski season and schedule filled with such a wide variety of races, events, clinics, Masters programs, and Juniors programs. We are also extremely grateful for all the work that has gone in to maintaining the continuity of season-long race series, in particular the Fisher Cup, the Sierra Ski Chase, and the inaugural Masters Challenge. There's always something on the calendar for everyone, regardless of age or skill level. Nearly every weekend brings a race that's been tremendously well organized ahead of time, not to mention the great grooming we always find on race-day, plus food, prizes, raffles, pre-race technical support, race-day photography -- the list goes on and on! We also extend a special thanks to all the volunteers who patiently stand along the course on race day handing us fluids and gels, often in stormy conditions when it's impossible to keep warm when not skiing! And after the races, somehow all the results and series standings seem to get tallied, updated, and posted on-line before anyone even gets home.

In regard to the race series that are available to us, we also appreciate the effort that has gone into setting up the specific schedules such that they allow us to visit and enjoy many different x-c ski areas throughout our region and to race both skate and classic technique. We equally appreciate the time you have devoted to creating rules or requirements for each specific race series, that in our opinion, are very well designed to promote fair competition while simultaneously serving to promote the sport of x-c skiing here in the Far West Division.

Again, thank you all for creating such a strong, well-organized, fun, fair, and competitive season of skiing for us. You've made Far West simply the best.


Truckee XC

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