Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Presidents Cup!

all of these great photos are from Macbethgraphics.com

150 athletes showed up at Tahoe Donner XC for the annual Paco’s President Cup race Monday. There was not a cloud in the sky and any racer who came thinking he/she could sit in and wait for a final sprint came to the wrong race. It was “game on” right out of the start and the attacks kept coming!

The day started off warmer then expected and the snow softer then expected. Experienced racers were adding rills and some Toko Jet Stream Molly before the start. Hey: it was a California Day and racing in and out of the sun and shade showed how valuable the Rudy Eyewear proved to be.

The ladies started 5 minutes before the men and got the opportunity to watch the men come by at race pace and jump on the train if they felt the urge. It was another great day for the Rossignol/Truckee XC Team and the women provided a photo finish. Rossignol skier Julie Young got her toe across the line first and Truckee XC skier Debbie Hakannson took second. Beth Thomas was third and Truckee XC skier Laura Stern was fourth.

The men’s race started off in a frantic pace more resembling skier cross and finished much the same for some. Philip Violet and Tav Street set the pace out of the start and the field broke up in the first few kilometers. About half way through the race Team Rossignol/Truckee XC skier Rick Reynolds bridged up to Violet and Street and got a short breather. The youngsters decided they didn’t want a 52 year old hanging on so they turned on the gas and said “see ya”. It wasn’t long after that, when Beth Reid (racing in the men’s field & for the record, aka. Beth Heiden) bridged up to Reynolds. At the bottom of the final climb Violet turned on the after burners and dropped Street. When Reynolds and Reid got to the same location Reid did the same thing to Reynolds. The final results were: Violet, Street, Reid, and Reynolds. Ben Grasseschi and Danny Buchanan of Team Rossignol took 5th & 8th respectively and Chris McGovern from Truckee XC was 11th. It was another great day for Rossignol/Truckee XC.

Special thanks to Roger Chaney and Ben Grasseschi for the invaluable pre race support.

For complete results go to: http://www.farwestnordic.org/raceresults/results20092010/td_presidentscup10.html

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