Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pacos Fun Race Report

Today was Pacos Fun Race, a 10 km freestyle nordic ski race. The conditions were tough as the weather cooled and the rain turned to heavy snow...a lot of snow accumulated and the visibility diminished. Truckee XC athletes faired pretty well, its hard not to when you have such great equipment.

I dont have any pictures yet but here are some results.
the guys:

4th-Rick Reynolds, 1st MM5
8th-Russel Kennedy, 1st MJ1
11th Steve Axt, 1st MM3
12th Chris McGovern, 1st MM2

The Girl:

10th-Susan Reynolds, 2nd FM2

Nice showing in the firs race of the year. Send me some pics and or race reports and I will post them up

Thanks to Roger and Co. for the support out there today!

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